Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mr. Potato Head Printable

A while ago on Pinterest, I found this really great idea to print a Mr. Potato Head Printable and then color it, cut it out and put magnets on the back. This was such a fun idea and is great way to get kids ready for a road trip too...more on that in a minute.

I, unfortunately, don't have many pictures to go with this post as I did this project with my kiddos (my niece and my nephews) quite a while ago and I am having a heck of a time finding the pictures I took from it, so I'll just tell you about it as best I can.

The image from Pinterest did lead me to a blog that wasn't helpful at all for finding this printable, so I'm not even attaching a link to it. I just copied and pasted the picture from Pinterest into a Word document and made it as big as I possibly could. The image was slightly pixelated, but the kids didn't seem to mind that at all.

Image from Pinterest
The kiddos really wanted Mr. Potato Head to have a body as well and I was pretty sure I couldn't botch an oval shape too much, so I made the body and the kids colored that in as well. After I printed it out, I had the kids color in all of the Mr. Potato Head features and then I cut them out.  I took it one step further and laminated the pictures so they'd last a little longer and hold up a little better. This did make for two more steps as not only did I laminate them, I then had to recut the shapes. At least it wasn't that big of a deal. :)

Next, taking just a little strip of a magnet, the kids and I applied the magnets to the back of each piece of dear old Mr. Potato Head.

So, the coolest part about this? Did you know, you can use a metal cookie sheet for a magnet board? Yeah, I'm sure you did. I did not, but once I figured out this genius idea, I was pumped! The kids each had their own cookie sheet (which can travel nicely in the car if it's a small enough cookie sheet) and all the pieces were able to stay on each of their sheets. It was fantastic! When the kids were all done playing with it, we were then able to put all of their pieces into a little ziplock bag for playing with more at a later date. My nephew, Mickey, is still wanting to create new features for his Mr. Potato Head. I'd say this was a successful little project and worth a try.

Hopefully I'll find some of the pictures I took at some point and will be able to post those on here.

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