Monday, October 13, 2014

4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Hurry. Last minute prep for our home group Bible study. What am I forgetting? Oh, that's right - it's our turn to bring snacks. Throw something together. This seems to be the norm on our Bible study nights that involve bringing snacks. Frequently, my awesome husband runs to the store and picks up something. But, this day. This day was different. I finally decided to work on the snack prior to five minutes before leaving. Huzzah! I didn't want to make something I usually made (you know, on the nights where I actually - rarely - make something), so I checked on Pinterest. This peanut butter cookie recipe is super simple. And I had all of the ingredients on hand, making it that much more enticing.

Photo from Pinterest
My son got to help with making these and I made sure we had some standard of health code in our kitchen - requiring that he wear underwear - at the VERY least. He was very excited to help by turning on the mixer, adding the ingredients (with my assistance) and especially with smashing the cookies. We rolled them in sugar before smashing them, and I liked doing that better than not. But, the recipe doesn't call for it, so it's your call.

There was an adorable picture of my son here, but I've decided I should post them if he's not wearing's just not appropriate. Maybe THAT'LL teach him to put clothes on... ;)

They were quick and easy. Very easy. We made a double batch, which made about 2-3 dozen cookies.

These aren't healthy. Not even a little it. If you are looking for healthy peanut butter cookies, look elsewhere. They are, however, quite tasty. They don't travel well if they are smushed in a bag. I'd recommend keeping them in an airtight tupperware so they hold up better. They do crumble very easily, but for how few ingredients and how little time they took, these were awesome and I will be making them again.

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