Friday, February 28, 2014

Baked Slow Cooker Chicken

Have you ever found yourself in the predicament of trying to find a way to cook a whole chicken? I have. But, not recently. Thanks to all, I have a fantastic recipe for cooking a whole chicken and, even better, I do it in a crock pot! Woohoo! Oh, how I love my crock pot! To see the recipe, you can just click here.

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This recipe is incredibly simple and quick (to put together - not to cook). It's a set it and forget it kind of recipe. You start by wadding up 3 balls of tin foil. Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure:

Rinse and pat dry your chicken (be sure to remove all the innards) and then lightly season with salt, pepper and paprika. Place it on top of the toil foil.

Put the lid on your crockpot, turn the heat to high for one hour. This is very important. You want to be sure to do this as it helps cook the chicken properly. After one hour, turn the heat to low and let your chicken just simmer in its juices until dinner time - about 8 hours.

Afterwards, you can just take the chicken apart, put pieces on your plate with some rice or potatoes and veggies and dinner is served! Easiest recipe ever. And the chicken is rather good. If cooked too long, it does seem to dry out a bit, but it's still really tasty. Plus, you end up with enough chicken leftover for another meal or two!

Also, one quick little tidbit that I just recently learned: when making rice, use chicken broth instead of water - the rice reheats better and it has more flavor to begin with! You're welcome. ;)

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