Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Squash Burritos

As I've mentioned before, we get a produce box weekly from a local farm. Generally, we end up with veggies that I wouldn't buy on my own, making it a fun weekly challenge to try out new recipes. Recently, we received yellow squash in our produce box. Yellow squash is probably not that difficult to find a good recipe for, but I never had really tried - other than just sautéing it. But, I found a fabulous recipe that I really enjoyed. Summer Squash Burritos.

Photo from Pinterest

I changed the recipe up a bit and added steak to the burritos - making them no longer vegetarian. I guess I just like meat too much. But, for my vegetarian friends - this is vegetarian friendly!

I first sautéed some onions, then added strips of steak and then put in the yellow squash. I have also added zucchini to it, and that is quite tasty as well.

Add the tomatoes and cheese and wrap in a tortilla and you have a meal. A tasty, rather quick meal. I have now made this recipe multiple times, so this is definitely a tried and true. And you should give it a try and see if I'm telling the haha! Ok, it's late - that was a bad one. ;)

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