Friday, August 22, 2014

Artichoke Tomato Chicken

And now for another week of food-blogging! One of these days, I'll actually blog more frequently about crafting and cleaning and such, but in the meantime, I've been trying lots of new recipes with many successes this week! Yay!! Including this wonderful meal, artichoke tomato chicken.

I tweaked this recipe slightly to accommodate the ingredients I had...that, and I may have misread and used basil instead of oregano. But, that was an amazing mistake!

And I used colby-jack cheese instead of provolone, which tasted very nice as well.

It doesn't seem that I normally have so many beautiful meals, but this one looked and tasted quite lovely.

I would recommend cooking the dish for at least another 5 minutes as it seemed to be just slightly undercooked, but otherwise, oh yum! It was delightful, kind of like a pizza without the crust. I especially liked it when paired with noodles (smothered in olive oil and an assortment of herbs).

So, the mistake of using basil rather than oregano is a mistake I will continue to make. I have no words. It was delicious. I have already made this dish twice and loved it both times. Also, it reheats well. Bonus!

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