Thursday, July 3, 2014

60 Minute Cinnamon Rolls

Just the other day I posted about some tasty paleo cinnamon rolls and this is the sister blog post to that one. The fat sister. The unhealthy, but terribly good looking sister. (I feel like I went too far...too far?? Oh well...) :) 60 Minute Cinnamon Rolls. Pure bliss.

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These cinnamon rolls took practically no time to make, as far as cinnamon rolls go. The recipe called for regular yeast, but all I had was bread machine yeast (don't you hate it when you don't discover this until after you are in the middle of mixing??). I went to the Fleischmann's yeast website and found that I could, in fact, use bread machine yeast as regular yeast. Yay! Fleischmann's and my bread machine yeast for the win!

Once I got the starter ingredients in the bowl, I let it set for a bit. It was uuuugly and I didn't take a picture of the yeast mix after it had foamed, so I'll just spare you the gory image of disgustingness. 

As the yeast was foaming, my son and I started working on the chocolate chip cookies I was also preparing for our MOPS retreat. This is totally unnecessary to this blog post, but I thought I'd share so that I could show you how baking is done at our house....

I suppose this could have something to do with this post as it shows you just how quick and easy making these cinnamon rolls was - I was able to do it as I made chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah! This sweet toothed mama was happy!

After all of the ingredients had been mixed and set for the allotted amount of time recommended, I sprayed down my kitchen counter with pam (after it had been washed and dried better than a surgeon right before surgery). Seriously, how had I never thought to do this? The dough was so much easier to work with when the surface was greased. 

Obviously, I still didn't get the perfect rectangular shape, but as I stated in my paleo cinnamon rolls blog, I'm not so much into taking a ton of time getting it into the right shape. After preparing the filling, I spread it out on the rectangular blob and patted it down. 

I took a hint from the last cinnamon rolls I made, and placed parchment paper in the bottom of the baking dish I would be using. From there, I rolled up the cinnamon rolls, made marks where I'd be cutting them so they'd be even (for the most part) and then cut them apart and placed them in the baking dish. Don't they look divine?

I didn't bake them right away, in fact, I put them in the fridge and didn't bake them for 2 days. They continued to rise a bit over the next 24 hours (I think they stopped after that) and the lid was being pulled off of the baking dish due to the sheer mass that the cinnamon rolls were creating. It was a beautiful thing. 

On Sunday morning, I took the dough-y rolls out of the fridge and placed the baking dish with the rolls into the pre-heated oven. Obviously I removed the lid on the dish as well. 

Thankfully, my lovely friend, Katie, helped me determine whether the rolls were done when they were supposed to be. I put them in the oven for the entire 15 minutes and looked at them, thought they looked good and pulled them out. Katie, however, being the wise one that she is, told me that, although they looked super tasty, the middle ones were still looking quite doughy. So, back in the oven they went. 5 minutes later we pulled them out and flipped them over onto a cookie sheet. Everyone delighted in the beauty of these tasty looking cinnamon rolls. Did you catch that? "Tasty looking." Yeah. They still weren't done enough. Everyone that had taken a bite quickly discovered they still needed quite a few more minutes. So, back into the oven they all hurriedly returned.

Within a few minutes (10, maybe?), we pulled them back out of the oven and they were definitely cooked and, although now a bit more crystalized from the frosting that had been melted and then hardened in the oven, were still delicious. I imagine the 15 minute bake-time would've been perfect had it not been for it being in the fridge and likely needing to thaw for just a bit. Oh well, lesson learned. And I'm not really complaining. These still tasted pretty fantastic.

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