Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hardboiled Eggs

A friend of mine requested (a year ago around Easter) that I do a blog post about a Pinterest test on hardboiled eggs in the oven.
Photo from Pinterest
So, I gave it a shot, but I never posted about it because I couldn't get it done before Easter. Thankfully, I'm getting to it (barely) before this Easter. ;)

I started out with my eggs in the oven and then I remembered to put a baking sheet underneath of them, thankfully. The blog post linked above says that you should put the baking sheet underneath in case any of your egg shells break.

Some of the egg shells did, in fact, break. This was a tad messier than I expected it to be. As you can see from the baking sheet, a little more than just the shell came off of a few of them, and some of them lost a big chunk of their shell.

Still, it worked out. The eggs didn't look all that pretty, but they tasted just as good as if they had been boiled. For some reason, they all ended up with a little brown spot on them, and I'm not sure why. As far as being aesthetically pleasing, I think these are definitely better for just eating. You won't be able to color these eggs. But, if you are looking for a way to make a bunch of hardboiled eggs at the same time, this seems like a good long as you don't care if they are pretty at the end.

Hope this was helpful for someone. Sorry for the shortness of this post. It was so long ago, I had to recall the results and don't feel like I can give quite the rundown that I would've liked for this. But, it's done! My post has been completed. :)


  1. Mainly because of the shell being broken. However, I suppose you still would just color a bit of the egg whites - which isn't a big deal, I suppose. So, never mind - I guess you can. :)